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Thank you for considering supporting Techdox Docs! Your support helps continue providing and expanding valuable resources dedicated to the selfhosting community. Every contribution, big or small, goes directly into maintaining and enhancing the documentation and support services.

Ways to Support

Buy Me A Coffee ☕

Support Techdox and get personalized one-on-one support by buying me a coffee. This is a great way to give back if you've found the resources helpful!

Buy Me A Coffee

Prefer to use cryptocurrency? You can send your support directly using the following addresses:

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Your Impact

When you support Techdox Docs, you're not just donating; you're actively participating in the growth of a community dedicated to free and open-source software solutions. Here's what your support helps achieve:

  • Maintaining Server and Domain Costs: Keeping the online resources accessible all year round.
  • Creating and Updating Guides: Continuous improvement of existing guides and addition of new content.
  • Community Support: More time spent on community forums and one-on-one support sessions.

I appreciate your support, and I pledge to keep all resources open and free to the selfhosting community. Thank you for being a part of Techdox Docs!