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Setting Up Focalboard with Docker Compose

Introduction to Focalboard

Focalboard is an open-source, self-hosted project management tool that's an alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana. It's designed to help teams stay organized and aligned.

Docker Compose Configuration for Focalboard

This Docker Compose setup deploys Focalboard in a Docker container, providing a straightforward and efficient environment for project management.

Docker Compose File (docker-compose.yml)

version: "3.3"
      - 8000:8000
    restart: always
    image: mattermost/focalboard

Key Components of the Configuration

Service: Focalboard

  • Image: mattermost/focalboard is used to pull the latest Focalboard image.
  • Ports:
  • 8000:8000 exposes Focalboard on port 8000, both on the host and inside the container.
  • Restart Policy: always ensures that the Focalboard service restarts automatically after a crash or reboot.

Deploying Focalboard

  1. Save the Docker Compose configuration in a docker-compose.yml file.
  2. Run docker-compose up -d to start Focalboard in detached mode.
  3. Access Focalboard by navigating to http://<host-ip>:8000.

Configuring and Using Focalboard

After deployment, you can begin using Focalboard by creating boards, adding tasks, and managing projects directly through the web interface.

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