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Setting Up Prometheus with Docker Compose

Introduction to Prometheus

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit, widely used for its powerful querying language, efficient storage, and ease of integration with various metrics sources.

Docker Compose Configuration for Prometheus

This Docker Compose setup deploys Prometheus in a Docker container, along with a specified configuration file for custom monitoring settings.

Docker Compose File (docker-compose.yml)

version: '3.8'
    image: prom/prometheus
    container_name: prometheus
      - '--config.file=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml'
      - 9090:9090
    restart: unless-stopped
      - ./prometheus:/etc/prometheus
      - prom_data:/prometheus

Prometheus Configuration File (prometheus.yml)

  scrape_interval: 15s
  scrape_timeout: 10s
  evaluation_interval: 15s
    - static_configs:
      - targets: []
      scheme: http
      timeout: 10s
      api_version: v1
  - job_name: prometheus
    honor_timestamps: true
    scrape_interval: 15s
    scrape_timeout: 10s
    metrics_path: /metrics
    scheme: http
      - targets:
        - localhost:9090
  - job_name: elzim # Change to whatever you like
      - targets: [''] #Change this to your server's IP

Key Components of the Configuration

Service: Prometheus

  • Image: prom/prometheus is the Docker image used for Prometheus.
  • Command: --config.file=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml specifies the configuration file used by Prometheus.
  • Ports:
  • 9090:9090 maps port 9090 on the host to port 9090 in the container, where Prometheus's web interface is accessible.
  • Volumes:
  • ./prometheus:/etc/prometheus mounts the local Prometheus configuration directory to the container.
  • prom_data:/prometheus provides persistent storage for Prometheus data.
  • Restart Policy: unless-stopped ensures that Prometheus restarts automatically unless explicitly stopped.

Prometheus Configuration

  • Global Settings: Defines the global scrape interval, timeout, and evaluation interval.
  • Alerting: Configuration for alert managers.
  • Scrape Configs: Defines the jobs and targets for Prometheus to scrape metrics from.

Deploying Prometheus

  1. Save the Docker Compose configuration in a docker-compose.yml file and the Prometheus configuration in a prometheus.yml file.
  2. Run docker-compose up -d to start Prometheus in detached mode.
  3. Access Prometheus's web interface via http://<host-ip>:9090.

Configuring and Using Prometheus

After deployment, you can modify the prometheus.yml file to add new targets and change scrape intervals as needed. Prometheus provides a versatile platform for monitoring your infrastructure.