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Setting Up Filebrowser with Docker Compose

Introduction to Filebrowser

Filebrowser is a self-hosted file managing interface that allows you to manage files and directories through a web interface. It's a simple and convenient way to access, upload, and manage your files remotely.

Docker Compose Configuration for Filebrowser

This Docker Compose setup deploys Filebrowser in a Docker container, providing an easy-to-use web interface for file management.

Docker Compose File (docker-compose.yml)

version: '3'
    image: filebrowser/filebrowser:s6
    container_name: filebrowser
      - /home:/srv #Change to match your directory
      - /home/techdox/docker/filebrowser/filebrowser.db:/database/filebrowser.db #Change to match your directory
      - /home/techdox/docker/filebrowser/settings.json:/config/settings.json #Change to match your directory
      - PUID=$(id -u)
      - PGID=$(id -g)
      - 8095:80 #Change the port if needed

Key Components of the Configuration

Service: Filebrowser

  • Image: filebrowser/filebrowser:s6 is the Docker image used for Filebrowser.
  • Volumes:
  • /home:/srv: Maps a local directory to the server directory in the container.
  • /home/techdox/docker/filebrowser/filebrowser.db:/database/filebrowser.db: Persistent storage for Filebrowser's database.
  • /home/techdox/docker/filebrowser/settings.json:/config/settings.json: Stores configuration settings for Filebrowser.
  • Environment Variables:
  • PUID=$(id -u) and PGID=$(id -g): Sets the user and group ID for file permissions.
  • Ports:
  • 8095:80: Maps port 8095 on the host to port 80 in the container, where Filebrowser's web interface is accessible.

Deploying Filebrowser

  1. Save the Docker Compose configuration in a docker-compose.yml file.
  2. Replace the volume paths with your actual directory paths.
  3. Run docker-compose up -d to start Filebrowser in detached mode.
  4. Access Filebrowser by navigating to http://<host-ip>:8095.

Configuring and Using Filebrowser

After deployment, use the Filebrowser web interface to manage your files. You can upload, download, and organize files, as well as customize settings according to your needs.

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